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Allaro UA1233


Functional socks designed for cycling. Anatomically shaped for left and right foot. Microlon and Stop Bacteria materials increase removal of moisture from the skin surface.

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Cycling high socks Allaro. These thin high socks are made from resistant functional fabric, 86% polyamide, 12% polypropylene and 2% elastane. The heel, toes and ankles are from ticker material which prevents abrasion. The hem on the heel is anatomically shaped in Y form. The socks are produced as right and left. There is an elastic band which helps to keep the sock in place in a shoe while moving. The socks are thin and therefore suitable for track shoes.
  • Technical features
    • durable heel, 
    • durable toe section, 
    • flat lock seam in toe section, 
    • anatomically shaped for the left and right foot, 
    • increased moisture wicking, 
    • elastic bandage for perfect fit
  • Season
    • spring, 
    • summer, 
    • autumn, 
    • winter
  • Sport
    • cycling
  • Material
    • Microlon - Microlonthe main benefit of this inovative polyamide yarn is maximalization of moisture management (knott effect), keep the dry feeling and comfort during high performance, the yarn is also characterized by ultra soft, silky feeling
    • Stop Bacteria - Stop Bacteriathe active silver ionts prevent the growth of bacteria and mold which significantly reducing unpleasant odors and keep biological balance of the skin, using in socks provide hygienic freshness of feet during various activiti

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