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Enduro Socks Nereto


High socks for off-road rides. Thanks to Coolmax material, they are very light and breathable.

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“You say socks, such a nonsense. They should be neither too long or too short, neither thin or thick and should absorb sweat. Choosing the perfect socks is not an easy thing. However, Nereto socks are great for rough races as well as for easy-going trails,” says Michal Prokop. Thanks to the Coolmax material, the socks are very light, soft and breathable. They will not smell even after all-day trails. The socks are designed to match our new enduro collection. They are 15 cm high.
  • Material
    • Cotton - Cottona natural material that absorbs moisture well
  • Season
    • spring, 
    • summer, 
    • autumn
  • Sport
    • cycling

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