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Maletto Pad MP1734


Winter cycling tights with cycling pad and membrane. The tights are designed for rides in cold weather. The cut and the material combination are designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding cyclists.

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Men’s winter cycling tights with membrane are our novelty this year. We did our best so that they meet the requirements of even the most demanding cyclists. These bib tights are made from insulated material with brushed inside which wicks the sweat away and works as a thermal isolation. The upper membrane protects you from water and wind and at the same time ensures perfect breathability. You will enjoy rides also in bleak weather with freezing temperatures. The back part of the tights is made from breathable elastic material, which will not limit your movement while pedalling. The tights have anatomically shaped cycling pad Thor developed by Italian specialists BERENIS, which is suitable for five-hour rides and longer. The cycling pad is 3-13 mm thick, elastic and offers great breathability. It helps to keep the important body parts are nicely dry. There are non-slip silicon straps at the bottom of each leg with, which ensure the tights stay firmly in place. There is also one small zipped rear pocket and reflective elements for better visibility.
  • Technical features
    • reflective accessories, 
    • back pocket zipper, 
    • flat lock seam, 
  • Material
    • YKK - YKKzippers of proven quality, top Japanese technology, guarantee of reliability
    • POWERterm - POWERterminsulated material with fleece on inner side, efficient for sweat removal and heat Insulation
    • membrane 10 000 mm / 10 000 g/m2 - membrane 10 000 mm / 10 000 g/m2
  • Season
    • spring, 
    • autumn, 
    • winter
  • Sport
    • cycling

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