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Gavia MP1605


Men top quality cycling tights. They are equipped with high quality cycling pad made by Elastic Interface, which is specially designed for extreme loads – more than 7 hours long rides. Laser-cut suspenders ensure full comfort.

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Gavia pass is the legendary Alpine Pass on which Giro d’Italia racers have been climbing since 1960. For such race, it is necessary to have some high-quality tights with high quality cycling pad. Men cycling tights Gavia are designed for such cycling adventures as they are equipped with cycling pad from Italian firm Elastic Inerface. The tights are made from very elastic quick-drying material with great breathability (71% nylon, 29% Elastan). There are just enough seams for perfect fit; you will almost forget you are wearing them. There are wide hems at the bottom of each leg with non-slip silicon straps, which ensure the tights stay firmly in place. Laser-cut bibs without side seams (75% polyester, 25% elastane) are not too tight and hold the tights nicely in place. The tights are equipped with one of the best cycling pads on the market “ROAD PERFORMACE FORCE MEN HYBRID”, made by famous Italia company Elastic Inerface. This cycling pad is designed for 7 hour-cycling tours and longer. The pad is 3 – 14 mm thick and 80-200kg/m3 dense, which makes it elastic and breathable. It helps to keep the important body parts are nicely dry. Gavia are fantastic tights designed especially for long trainings or cycling trips.
  • Technical features
    • reflective accessories, 
    • elastic and breathable braces, 
    • leg bottom cuff with elastic silicone strip, 
    • anatomically shaped trousers, 
    • Elastic Interface®, 
    • cycling pad for a ride longer than 7 hours
  • Material
    • lightMESH - lightMESHvery light, quick-dry material, excellent Breathability
    • Elastic Interface® - Elastic Interface®first-class cycling pad by the Italian specialist Elastic Interface®
  • Season
    • spring, 
    • summer
  • Sport
    • cycling

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