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Vetta WJ1226


Light women’s jacket from windproof material with removable sleeves. Can be folded neatly in small bag which can be then put in a saddle bag. The hood is packable into the collar.

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Women’s sports windstopper VETTA with removable sleeves. VETTA is a very light jacket from windproof, light, breathable and densely woven fabric (100% polyester). Thanks to the removable sleeves the jacket can be easily converted into a practical vest. The jacket is loose fit has full zipper, two zipped side pockets and a chest pocket for smartphones, cards or cash. There is a prolonged back with rubber hem which holds the jacket securely in place. There is an inner drawstring in the waist for a fine-tuned fit. The jacket has a hood in collar. The hood and collar have drawstrings for adjusting its size. The jacket is suitable for all kinds of sports activities, such as cycling, running, rollerblading or hiking. The great advantage of this windstopper is its low weight and that it is packable into a small package. It is often used as an emergency layer. The jacket is possible to pack into a tiny bag located at the bottom inner part of the windstopper, therefore it fits perfectly into Jersey’s rear pockets or saddle bag. It also has hook-and-loop straps so you can attach it to bike frame as well. The full zipper and the rear pocket zipper are designed in reflective colours. There are also other reflective elements in other places for higher security and visibility.
  • Technical features
    • reflective accessories, 
    • back pocket zipper, 
    • collar adjustment, 
    • waist adjustment, 
    • bottom edge adjustment, 
    • removable sleeves, 
    • main zipper, 
    • two side zipper pocket, 
    • breast pocket, 
    • hood foldable into collar, 
    • loose cut, 
    • jacket folding bag
  • Material
    • Windbreaker WR - Windbreaker WRwind-resistant, light, thick-woven material
  • Season
    • spring, 
    • summer, 
    • autumn
  • Sport
    • outdoor, 
    • running, 
    • cycling, 
    • in-line

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