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Sillaro WJ1727


Women’s PrimaLoft insulated sweatshirt suitable as a second layer to be worn throughout the year.

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Universal women’s sweatshirt suitable for cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, running or for other outdoor activities. There is PrimaLoft insulation at the front and thin, breathable material at the back, thanks to which you will not sweat when moving. The sweatshirt has anatomically shaped sleeves. It is also slightly shaped at the waist to perfectly fit female figure. Sillaro is a bit thinner and more elastic alternative of the Divera Model.
  • Technical features
    • reflective accessories, 
    • bottom edge adjustment, 
    • main zipper, 
    • double cuff, 
    • two back side pockets, 
    • side panels of flexible material, 
    • fleece inside
  • Material
    • YKK - YKKzippers of proven quality, top Japanese technology, guarantee of reliability
    • POWERterm - POWERterminsulated material with fleece on inner side, efficient for sweat removal and heat Insulation
    • primaloft - primaloftsynthetic insulation material with specially treated fibre, which does not absorb moisture, its properties are close to feather
  • Season
    • spring, 
    • summer, 
    • autumn
  • Sport
    • Xc-skiing, 
    • outdoor, 
    • cycling

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